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Keep Track of Your Assets

Backed by a team of professionals you'll find advanced features in YardView. Real-Time Inventory knows where your tubular inventory is at anytime of the day. Our yard inventory application allows you to query based on a number of characteristics including: location, rig, well location, control numbers as well as primary and secondary attributes of the pipe. History of Movement allows you to take a snap shot of your inventory and see where it was at any given day in the past. This feature lets you reconcile your inventory for Month End and Year Ends. Inventory Reports use sophisticated reporting tools to get an up-to-the-minute picture of inventories in any of Guardian’s Yards.

Manage Your Tubulars

YardView is only half of the Guardian success story. Our detailed inspection system records and tracks the life of your tubular assets, reporting individual pipe history and inspection results allowing for the wall wear trends and details regarding inspections and repairs. Reports can be produced for multi-joint last inspection so that a string of pipe on a truck can all be reported on one single report no matter when or where each individual pipe was inspected.

Our People

Guardian is all about our people. Professional, conscientious and hard working, Guardian's inspection, yard personnel and machining staff are some of the most qualified technical people in the industry. The number one priority for Guardian is doing the best job possible for you and your tubular assets, second only to keeping our employees safe.